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Register as a new agent:

Registering for your new agent account is free. In order to quote and enroll through your personalized URL you will need to choose a Billing method on your Billing link inside your agent portal. Once you have chosen your billing method, your account will be active and ready for you to quote and enroll your clients.

The process for registering for a new agent account is as follows:

1. Click on "Register as new agent"

2. Fill in all required fields in the registration form and submit your information.

3. You will receive a confirmation email with an account verification link that you will need to click on to verify your account.

4. Click on your Billing tab and select your billing method.

5. Once your registration is complete and your billing method is chosen, you will be ready to quote and enroll your clients.

Register as a master account:

(Please contact our Agent support to create a master account)

Registering for your Master account is also free. Master accounts are for agency personnel who are in charge of keeping track of the agents who are contracted through their own agency. You can not quote and enroll through a master account.